April 26th 2015

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Taking benefits of this website by accessing www.ubatik.com, you signify that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of service set below. If you do not agree with the conditions, please do not access the website.


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www.ubatik.com offers you limited license to access and to take some benefits, but not to download or modify it except with written consent of www.ubatik.com. All the contents can’t be duplicated, reproduced, copied, sold or resold, or any exploitation actions for any commercial purpose without written consent ofwww.ubatik.com.


You can create some links to any home page of www.ubatik.com as long as it does not portray www.ubatik.com, its products and services, its affiliates in a misleading, false, and disserve matter. You can’t use the logo of www.ubatik.com, other graphic, trademark as part of the link without written consent of www.ubatik.com.


www.ubatik.com may include some services that can be available in your mobile devices. The services may be the ability to upload any information via mobile device, the ability to receive and to reply messages, the ability to send messages and any content, and the ability to access www.ubatik.com from your mobile device. Having those services, you signify that you agree to have some communication with www.ubatik.com and its affiliates via SMS, text message, MMS, and some other electronic means of communication. The charges probably paid for those actions and services are completely on your risks.

About these Terms

www.ubatik.com is free to make some changes related to these terms and conditions of service by updating this posting. When you access www.ubatik.com after some coming updates which we do not give notification to you before, you signify that you accept all the changes. Please check these terms of service periodically to find some changes.

Some changes and or additions of these terms will be commonly effective no sooner than fourteen days after the changes and additions are posted. Some changes related to legal reasons, however, will be effective as soon as possible after the changes are posted.

If there are some conflicts about the previous terms and the new or additional terms, you should rely on the newest updates of the terms. The additional terms will handle all the possible conflicts.
All of these terms are about relationship between www.ubatik.com and you. If you do any violation about these terms and we do not take immediate action, this does not mean that we give up any rights that we have.

If there are some points of the terms are not enforceable, they will not affect the other terms.


Local Laws are the base or reference of the formation, construction, and interpretation of these Terms of Service. Any claim againstwww.ubatik.com, its employees, agents, assigns, successors, and affiliates related to these Terms of Service shall be resolved by the local competent courts.

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